Functional Medicine Practitioners

Training Program in China

2019 Advanced Practice Module (APM)

Mar.23-28 Beijing

        Functional Medicine Practitioners Program Training and 2019 GI & Immune Advanced Practice Module will be held in Beijing on March 23 -28, 2019.

        Institute of Functional Medicine, currently the world’s most authoritative training organization for Functional Medicine physicians and clinical practitioners, offers Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice,and six Advanced Practice Module (APM) courses (Cardio metabolic, Immune, Hormone, Energy, GI and Detox).

        The educational teaching team is made up of leading experts in functional medicine, including Dr. Sult, Dr. Rountree, Dr. Hughes, Dr. Lukaczer. The faculty bringing years of clinical experience and international educational to this APM program in China. Participants can broaden their understanding of root-cause medicine, keep up with the latest developments in the functional medicine approach, enhance their knowledge and application of the Functional Medicine Matrix Model, and learn how to create efficient solutions from a case-based learning approach.

        The 2.5 day course of GI takes a whole systems approach to evaluating and treating not only local gastrointestinal disease, but many systemic diseases that are linked to GI dysfunction. This course will supply you with the foundational background, insight, and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently work up and treat patients who may present with conditions, signs, and symptoms indicative of gastrointestinal dysfunction. We will discuss in detail the important laboratory evaluations to be considered, the appropriate clinical connections that must be made, and the treatment approaches that should be used.

        The 2.5 day course of immune will focus on chronic inflammation systemic influences on the immune system and the consequent dysfunction that may ensue. The Immune APM will supply learners with an in-depth understanding of underlying immune mechanisms and enable you to develop effective interventions even in the absence of a conventional diagnosis.

        The Q&A sessions with the educators will offer participants a platform to communicate with and learn from these world’s leading experts, and also a perfect opportunity for them to establish networking with colleagues or counterparts of functional medicine from the world and share their own diagnosis and treatment experiences.

Educational Partners:

Institute for Functional Medicine
Greenikon Functional Medicine Research Institute


China Health Promotion Foundation
Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital


Functional Medicine Development Fund of China Health Promotion Foundation
Beijing 4P Healthcare Institute

Academic Support:

Chinese Health Management Association
Society of Functional Medicine, Chinese Health Association

Training Time:

March 23 - 28, 2019

Registration Fee:

$1,900.00/ 2 Modules, $1,000.00/ Per Module

Training Location:


Registration Deadline:

March 10, 2019


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